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=Cathell Family- West Virginia=

James Robert Cathell Family Markers

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Cedar Hill Cemetery, Baltimore Maryland

Cedar Hill Cemetery, 5829 Ritchie Highway, Baltimore was the resting spot for several members of the James Robert Cathell family. James Robert Cathell was the brother of Platt Mitchell Cathell and the son of Mitchell Kershaw Cathell and Jane Huvington Cathell. James Robert Cathell and the rest of Mitchell Kershaw Cathell's family remained in Baltimore after Platt Cathell and his family relocated to West Virgina in 1872. Cedar Hill Cemetery is a large cemetery and not all of the sections are marked; many of the markers were not found when I visited the cemetery on Sunday afternoon, October 26, 2008 as the office was closed.

Mitchell Kershaw Cathell II, 1871-1954. Son of James Robert Cathell and Mary Cathell. Mary Catherine Seth Cathell, 1873-1946, wife of Mitchell Kershaw Cathell.

Joseph Mitchell Cathell, 1909-1984. Son of Robert Vincent Cathell and Catherine Cathell. Myrtle A. Cathell, 1909-1981, wife of Joseph Mitchell Cathell.

James Robert Cathell family

-Most markers not photographed for those buried at Cedar Hill Cemtery as the indicated location could not be found. Information from Eastern Shore Roots by Harley Cathell.

James Robert Cathell ( brother of Platt Mitchell Cathell) 1835-1902 and Mary Elizabeth Roberts Cathell 1846-1904. James Robert Cathell is listed as a boilermaker for the railroad--the main family occupation. He is listed as living next door to Platt in both Baltimore and rural Towsontown. Buried at Cedar Hill in section A. Presumedly this is the oldest section of the cemetery, however it is not marked as such and the marker was not found.

Emma F. Cathell-child of James Robert and Mary Cathell-information on Emma Francis Cathell.From Brandon Stewart- She is my great-great grandmother. >> > >> > born 14 OCT 1867 >> > Died 6 OCT 1935 >> > She married George Joseph Stewart Jr >> > One of her kids was William Thomas Stewart >> > William Thomas Stewart married Beulah Irene Longley >> > They has Wayne Longley Stewart (still living in poor health in Murrells Inlet, SC after moving from Pasadena, MD) and Brent Cathell Stewart (still living in Brooklyn Park, MD) >> > Wayne Stewart married Margaret Ludwig and had 4 kids. >> > One of the kids is my father (Wayne Lee Stewart) who married Sharon Cindy Fogle >> > They had my sister (Lori Ann Stewart) and me (Brandon Wayne Stewart) >> > I've married Jennifer Anne Schuknecht and we have a daughter (Quinn T. Stewart) We live in Chesapeake Beach, MD >> > >> > This may be overkill, but I thought I'd help you with the picture.

Robert Vincent Cathell-child of James Robert and Mary Cathell- 1868-1933. Wife Catherine Sheridan Cathell-1872-1956. Robert V. Cathell is listed as a boilermaker for the railroad. Buried in section N or KK, Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Mamie Cathell-child of James Robert and Mary Cathell-Harley Cathell has no information on this child.

Mitchell Kershaw Cathell II -child of James Robert and Mary Cathell-see photo of marker above. Mitchell is listed as a boiler maker in his own plant and later in a factory. He had three children, Harry E.K. Cathell, James Frank Cathell and William K. Cathell.

William Cathell- child of James Robert and Mary Cathell-boiler maker. Wife was Frannie Holbrook Cathell. No further information after 1920 census.


Mary A. Cathell Peters, 1892-1966- child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell- married Harvey Peters, 1 child , Helen. Mary and Harvey Peters are buried in Section KK, Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Charles Henry Cathell, 1898-1972 - child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell- buried in Section KK, Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Bernice Margaret Cathell Rains, 1901-?- child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell- married Mack Kelly Rains.

James Robert Cathell, 1903-1983- child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell-buried in Section KK, Cedar Hill Cemetery.

William Clyde Cathell, 1906-1954- child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell-buried in Section __, Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Joseph Mitchell Cathell, 1909-1984- child of James Vincent and Catherine Cathell-buried in Apostles Section , Cedar Hill Cemetery- see photo above. Wife, Myrtle Agnes Clark Cathell, 1909-1981. Two children, Carol Frances Cathell Kiley and Patrick Cathell

Other Cathell Family Members in Baltimore

Colonel Levi Cathell Jr. was the son of Revolutionary War Veteran Levi Cathell and the brother of James Porter Cathell, the father of Mitchell Kershaw Cathell. Although sucessful on the Eastern Shore, he left for Baltimore in 1845 to provide more opportunities and better education for his children. The extent that he associated with his newphew, Mitchell K. Cathell and family is not known. Levi Cathell, Jr. family was large and included Joseph Owen Winton Cathell whose death notice appeared in a Baltimore County newspaper, below. Author's note April 2012- although the 1970's Ralph Winton Cathell booklet has Mitchell Kershaw Cathell descended from the Levi Cathell line, there is contravening geographical and naming convention evidence that this is not correct, rather descent from the Jonathan Cathell line seems more likely.


The will of Joseph Cathell, admitted to probate on Wednesday, gives his entire estate to his widow, and letters of administration, with the will annexed, were granted to his daughter Miss Mary J. Cathell. Mr. Cathell, who died about three weeks ago, was a well known farmer near Sweet Air.

Baltimore County Union, 18 Jan 1902

According to researcher Harley Cathell, Joseph was listed as an apprentice butcher on the Eastern Shore in 1850, so he came to Baltimore after the rest of his family. He continued his butcher profession in Baltimore, retiring to a farm in north of Baltimore. His family included the daughter listed above, Haste Webster Cathell, and one of the preeminent family researchers, Ralph Winton Cathell whose book published in 1972 is the backbone for all research on the family. One of Ralph helpers, Arthur Connelly (of the Jonathan Cathell family) was the man who tried unsuccessfully to make contact with the West Virginia branch of the family.

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Green Valley, West Virginia
August 4, 2007

Green Valley, near Etam West Virginia. Platt Mitchell Cathell homestead. Currently owned and occupied by Gerald "Pete" Cathell, grandson of Platt M. Cathell

1907 Map of Etam West Virginia. The Cathell homestead is just off of this map to the southwest.

Platt and Sarah, as well as many of their offspring are buried in the Etam Methodist Church cemetary.

Children of Platt and Sarah Cathell-use "back" to return to this page from links
Name: Cathell, George E. Year of Birth 1865 Year of Death: 1932 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Sarah E. Robinson Spouse Birth/Death:1867-1954 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Roy Cathell 1900-1901
Child: Clarence M. Cathell 1890-1983 Child: Bertha I. Cathell Britton1891-1973 Child: James A. Cathell 1895-1964 Child: Nora A. Cathell 1893-1983
Residence: Green Valley WV County: Preston Occupation: Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, Joseph Huvington Year of Birth 1868 Year of Death: 1964 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Callie V. Adams Spouse Birth/Death:1884-1960 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Perl A. Cathell
Child: Edith J. Cathell Child: Dora M Cathell Child:Earl C. Cathell Child: William E. Cathell
Child: Elsie E. Cathell Child: Dorothy C. Cathell Child:T.Gordon Cathell Child: W. Donald Cathell
Residence: Etam WV County: Preston Occupation: Farmer Notes: 95 years old at death

Name: Cathell, James Mitchell Year of Birth 1860 Year of Death: 1941 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse:1) Carrie Coburn 2) Annie Turner Spouse Birth/Death:__________ Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Virgil Cathell
Child: Claude Cathell Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Belington WV County: Barbour Occupation: Notes:Died in Rowlesburg at Will's

Name: Cathell, Steward H. Year of Birth 1870 Year of Death: 1953 Birth Place: Baltimore
Spouse: Cyrena May Lipscomb Spouse Birth/Death:1871-1952 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Thomas Oscar Cathell
Child: Anna L. Cathell Child: Harry Ervin Cathell Child: Lula Mabel Cathell Child: Elmer Neal Cathell
Child: Orville Ross Cathell Child: Theodore Platt Cathell Child: Boyd Williard Cathell Child: Stewart Lee Cathell (loved cake)
Child: Goldie Grace Cathell Child: Everett McKinley Cathell Child: Mary Katherine Cathell Child: Kenneth Hall Cathell
Child: Arthur U. Cathell Child: Avril Cathell Child: Robert W. Cathell Child:Ruth M. Cathell
Residence: Hepzibah Community County: Taylor Occupation:Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, William Luther Year of Birth 1878 Year of Death: 1956 Birth Place: Green Valley -Etam, WV
Spouse: Elsie M. Spouse Birth/Death:1883-1959 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Merrill (Myrl)Cathell
Child: Charles (Charley) Cathell Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Rowlesburg WV County: Preston Occupation: Engineer, B&O Notes: Pension card in Rowlesburg book

Name: Cathell, Charles (Charley) Year of Birth 1880 Year of Death: 1952 Birth Place: Green Valley -Etam, WV
Spouse: Mable (Mae)Gaines Spouse Birth/Death:1887-196_ Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Betty (Cathell) Sohn
Child: Dolly M (Cathell) Bolyard Dutton 1914-2002 Child: Gerald (Pete) Cathell, Green Valley, WV Child: Richard (Rich) Cathell, Chesapeake, VA Child: Violet (Cathell) Carver
Child: Augusta Cathell Child: Mildred M. Cathell Child: C. Harold Cathell Child:
Residence: Green Valley, WV County: Preston Occupation:Farmer Notes: bought homeplace from siblings

Name: Cathell, Jane Year of Birth 18__ Year of Death: 19__ Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Thomas Springs Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:_______ Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Taylor Occupation: Notes:

Name: Cathell, John Wesley Year of Birth June 22, 1872 Year of Death: August 25, 1951 Birth Place: Baltimore, MD
Spouse: Jane Haymon or Layman Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:Concord Church Child: Callie Cathell Corley
Child: Johnnie Cathell Child: Ralph William Cathell Child: Daisy Cathell Child:Howard Cathell
Child: Mitchell Cathell (of John, not of Clarence) Child: Carrie V. Cathell Child: Inez D. Cathell Child:Myrtle E. Cathell
Child: Bretsel L. Cathell Child: Bud Cathell Child: Clifford B. Cathell Child:Blanch Cathell
Child: Dolly P.Cathell Child: Child: Sarah E.Cathell Child: Nellie R. Cathell
Residence: rural Belington WV County:Barbour Occupation: Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, Jonathan Year of Birth abt 1873 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: _____ Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Occupation: Notes: Jonathan might be John Wesley-above?

Name: Cathell, Martha W Year of Birth abt 1876 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: _________
Spouse: _____ Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Occupation: Notes:

Name: Cathell, Rutherford B. Year of Birth abt 1876 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: West Virginia
Spouse: Grace E. Francis Cathell Spouse Birth/Death:12/25/1879/? Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Harrison Co. WV County: Occupation: Notes: Married Grace 1899

Notes-Need to classify/verify

1900 Census
Preston County
listed under Stuart (Steward) and May
Arthur U Cathell abt 1899

listed under William L
Charity Cathell abt 1882

listed under Jos. H.
Eunice E Cathelll abt 1872
Perl A. Cathell abt 1890
Edith J. Cathell abt 1892
Dora M Cathell 1894
Earl C. Cathell abt 1897

1910 Census
Preston County
listed under William and Elsie
Merrill Cathell abt 1905
Charley Cathell abt 1908

listed under George E. and Sarah
Florence M. Cathell abt 1890

listed under Charles and Mabel (Charley and May)
Augusta Cathell abt 1907 (Gusty, a visitor to my home in the 1960's ?)

listed under James M.
Virgil Cathell abt 1901

listed under Stewart H. and (Cyrena) May
Arvel Cathell abt 1900 (seen elsewhere spelled Avril ?-if Avril, died Sept 20 1964 Mineral Co WV- retired B&O RR)

listed under John and Jane-Upshur County--assumed to be the same as John Wesley
Daisy Cathell abt 1895
Howard Cathell abt 1904
Mitchell Cathell abt 1904 - spouse was Mary Russie Malcomb-died March 1953

1920 Census
Preston County

listed under John and Jane
Carrie V. Cathell abt 1909
Inez D. Cathell abt 1914
Myrtle E. Cathell abt 1915
Bretsel L. Cathell abt 1916
Bud Cathell abt 1916

(listed in 1930 census--Barbour Co- Under John and Jane)
Blanch Cathell abt 1913
Clifford B. Cathell abt 1918
Dolly P. Cathell abt 1920
Sarah E. Cathell abt 1922
Nellie R. Cathell abt 1922

listed under William L and Elsie
Myrl Cathell (same as Merrill?) abt 1905
Charles Cathell abt 1908

listed under James W. (1861)
Anna Cathell abt 1881 (Annie Turner)
Claude Cathell abt 1909

listed under Stewart and (Cyrena) May
Robert W. Cathell abt 1909
Ruth M. Cathell abt 1918

1930 census

listed under Theodore Platt-Monongalia Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May) Coal miner- died Sept 1936
Hazel M Cathell about 1905-spouse from Maidsville WV
Charlotte C Cathell abt 1925
Harley N Cathell abt 1926
Richard L Cathell abt 1927
Della M Cathell abt 1930

Rita M Cathell abt 1895?

listed under Charles R abt 1908-Preston Co (of _________)
Augusta Cathell abt 1908
Mary L Cathell abt 1926
Jack Cathell abt 1928

listed under Charles (abt 1881) (of Platt and Sarah) and Mabel abt (1888) (May) -Preston Co in addition to above)
Mildred M Cathell abt 1921
C Harold Cathell abt 1924
Gerald L. Cathell (Pete-current owner in 2007 of homeplace) abt 1926
Richard G. Cathell (Rich-resides in Chesapeake VA in 2007) abt 1929

listed under Joseph H. (of Platt and Sarah) and Callie V. ( in addition to above )
William E Cathell-abt 1915
Elsie E. Cathell abt 1916
Dorothy C Cathell abt 1917
Ethel D Cathell abt 1919
T Gordon Cathell abt 1921
W. Donald Cathell about 1924

listed under Thomas O (Oscar)-Preston Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May)
Ora M Cathell (spouse?) abt 1895
Roy E Cathell abt 1915
Thelma E Cathell abt 1917
Mary E Cathell abt 1922

listed under Harry E --Taylor Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May)
Elizabeth Cathell (spouse?) abt 1897
Edwin H Cathell abt 1920
Stewart A Cathell abt 1923
Mary S Cathell abt 1926
Dorsey L Cathell abt 1928

"abt" = about date of birth


Etam and Rowlesburg Industry


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