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=Cathell Family- West Virginia=

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=Rebecca Riggin McClean- granddaughter of Levi Cathell=

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Rebecca Frances Riggin McClean was the daughter of Rebecca Cathell Riggin and the granddaughter of Maj. Levi Cathell, Sr. and Rebecca Porter Cathell. She was married in Princess Anne Maryland in 1855 to William McClean, an attorney and later judge from Adams County PA. The McClean's lived in Gettysburg during the battle and interacted with both the Confederate and Union soldiers.

History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania. Illustrated

Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886
Biographical Sketches:

JUDGE WILLIAM McCLEAN, president judge, Gettysburg, was born in that town March 13, 1833, the eldest in a family of six children, a son of Hon. Moses and Mar (McConaghy) McClean, natives of this country, and of Scotch-Irish origin. The judge’s ancestors on both sides were among the early settlers of this locality, and were people of prominence, the McClean family having settled in Pennsylvania in about 1733. Moses McClean was a lawyer by profession and died in Gettysburg in 1870, having practiced law there for half a century. He represented the people of Adams County in the State Legislature and the people of his district in Congress.

Judge (William) McClean graduated at what is now Washington and Jefferson (then Washington) in 1851 He read law in Gettysburg, under the instruction of his father, and subsequently furthered his studies at Harvard University, and was admitted to the bar in 1854, from which time until 1874 he was in active practice. In 1873 he served as a member for the Constitution Convention, and the following year was elected the president judge in which capacity he served ten years, and at the expiration of that time, on the meeting of the four conventions of the two counties comprising the district, he was renominated by the Democrats and Republicans without opposition, and at this time is serving the second term in that office. It is said that he does his duty fearless of friend or foe.

In 1855, Judge McClean was married to Miss Fannie Riggin, a native of Maryland and of English descent. The children (now living) born to this union are Hannah Mary, wife of Rev. Charles M. Stock of Bedford County, Penn.; Olivia C.; William, a lawyer of Gettysburg, a graduate of Pennsylvania College, and of the law department of University of Georgia. Mrs. McClean died in 1867 and in 1874 the judge married Miss Matilda Gates of Kittanning, Pennsylvania, and of Irish origin. The union was blessed with two children, one—St. John—surviving. Judge McClean lost his second wife in 1885.

Background of the Cathell Family in West Virginia
The Cathell family in West Virginia was the clan of Platt Mitchell Cathell and Sarah Williams Cathell. Platt's father was Mitchell Kershaw Cathell who researchers find was the son of James Porter Cathell, the second son of Maj. Levi Cathell Sr. ( a Revolutionary War veteran, although the title Maj. came later in life). Maj. Levi Cathell Sr. was the son of David Cathell Sr. who was the son of James Cathell Sr., the first Cathell identified in the Cathell family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware that might have been present since around the mid 1600's

James Porter Cathell was estranged from the Cathell family and does not enter further into historical Eastern Shore records. Family historian Harley Cathell speculates that he might have went to Hancock County Georgia with a Miss Vaughan. (1) James Porter Cathell's son, Mitchell Kershaw Cathell was apparently associated with the Revolutionary War vet Jonathan Cathell, Jr. and perhaps his son Jonathan Cathell (the third Jonathan Cathell) who was his father's second cousin (James Porter Cathell and the third Jonathan Cathell had the same great grandfather, James Cathell Sr.).

Mitchell Kershaw Cathell is listed in the U.S. Census in Broad Creek Hundred and later Dagsboro Delaware area. One can speculate that he was a blacksmith or machinist by trade in Delaware as he moved to Baltimore where he was employed by the B&O Railroad as a boilermaker, a skilled occupation, as a middle-aged man. Other Cathell's were employed as machinists in their own business in Baltimore, so it was apparently a family specialty. Mitchell Kershaw Cathell's sons followed him in the machinist/boilermaker trade including Platt, the progenitor of the West Virginia clan. Platt ended the tradition in his line by locating his family a considerable distance away from his employment and instead raised his sons to become the small farmers of the verdant West Virginia mountains that he adopted.

The mystery of the disenfranchisement of James Porter Cathell from the Levi Cathell family may never be solved, however the record of the rest of the Levi Cathell family is better documented and in brief, information on Rebecca Riggan McClean follows:

William McClean Family c.~1870's? Possible identifications, young lady standing, daughter Hannah Mary McClean, born 1857, young lady at left, daughter Olivia Cathell McClean, born 1859, young girl sitting, Margaret Patterson McClean, born 1866, man sitting is definitely William McClean, attorney and later judge, young man standing is definitely William Archibald McClean, born 1864. The childrens' mother, Rebecca Frances "Fannie" Riggin McClean died in 1867. Civil War era photograph expert Ronn Palm believes this family was photographed in the swim suits of the period, explaining the bare feet. Photo source-McClean file, Adams County Historical Society

Handmade genealogy chart of William Archibald McCleanSource-McClean file, Adams County Historical Society

Close up of the chart showing the descent of Rebecca Frances Riggan McClean

Excerpt from Record of The Family of Moses McClean 1804 to 1870
1. Son- William McClean and Rebecca Frances Riggin were married June 11th, 1855 at Princess Anne, Maryland and six children
1a. Moses Mc Clean b. 5/27/1856 d. 10/1/1857 age 16 mo
2a Hannah Mary McClean b. 12/20/1857 d.__
3a Olivia Cathell McClean b.925/1859 d.__
4a Fannie Riggin McClean b. 10/4/1861 d. 10/6/1863 age 2 yrs.
5a William Archibald McClean b. 2/6/1864 d.__
6a Margaret Patterson McClean b.11/20/1866 d. 1/20/1899 age 32

Rebecca Frances Riggin McClean died 9/1867 age 33 years from lung disease

William MClean married second wife Matilda Gates 12/10/1874, 2 children
1aa Faith McClean b. 7/18/1878 d. 12/3/1883 age 5 years
2aa. St. John McClean b. 3/25/1883 d.___

Matilda Gates McClean died 7/13/1885 age 41 years.

Editor's note- if date of death not given it is presumed that these people were living in 1918. Source: McClean file- Adams County Historical Society

Photo titled "a four generation photograph(of the McClean family)". William (later judge) McClean is standing third from left, his wife, Rebecca Frances Riggin McClean is sitting fourth from left. On her lap are Olivia Cathell McClean (never married ?)and Hannah Mary McClean (later married to Rev. Charles Stock).

Burial place for Rebecca Frances "Fannie" Riggin McClean, granddaughter of Levi Cathell, Sr. Stone has disconnected from base, it is to the right of her husband, President Judge William McClean who is the right of his father, Congressman Moses McClean. Historic Evergreen Cemetery, Gettysburg PA
Stone reads Born in Salisbury Maryland.

William Archibald McClean, born 1864, son of Judge William McClean and Fannie McClean followed his father into law in the McClean's Gettysburg practice. William Arch. was also the owner of the Gettysburg Compiler newspaper. He wrote an article in 1908 recalling the stories told to him by his family about the days of battle of Gettysburg. A later stamp collector, who found an envelope written by McClean, paraphrased the story as follows" William McClean, Esquire, to whom this enveloped is addressed, was an attorney, living in the City of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife and three daughters during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863. He and his family, plus most other residents of Gettysburg, provided aid and comfort to both the Union and Confederate armies, and wounded soldiers of both sides, during and after the great battle. All their lives were in constant danger. During one retreat by the Union forces, Mr. McClean locked his family in the house for safety. A while later he heard voices on his front porch and went out to talk with the Confederates, who were resting there. While talking to the rebels, his daugther Mary, who was six, raised the window and began singing "Hang Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree". The confederates advised Mr. McClean that he should teach his children some new songs. Three months after the battle diphtheria took the life of McCleans' youngest daughter, Fannie. His wife, also Fannie, died four years later".

Obituary for William Archibald McClean - great grandson of Levi Cathell, Sr.
Gettysburg, January 30, 1937

William Archibald McClean, 72, attorney, editor and publisher, and civic leader, died Friday eveniung at 7:45 o'clock at his hom, 20 East Middle Street, after an illness of several years.

For more than three years, Mr. McClean had been in ill health, having been stricken August31, 1933. On several occasions after that time he was able to visit his office, but for more thatn two years hed been confined to his home. His condition had been critical for nearly a month. Senion member of the Adams county bar, Mr. McCleanwas admitted to practice before the cours of the county on his twenty-first birthday anniversay, February 6, 1885. For 20 years he as editor and owner of the Gettysburg Compiler, official Democratic organ in the county, and although he took an active part in politics he never held a party or political office. Mr. McClean was a native of Gettysburg. He was born on February 6, 1864.

Major Levi Cathell Sr. 1754-1815

Home to The Graham family of Maryland's Eastern Shore and "a handful ghosts from the eighteenth century", Cellar House Plantation is located on the banks of the Pocomoke river of Maryland's lower Eastern Shore, this modest plantation house dates back to the early 1730's. The oil painting is of Levi Cathell, an ancestor of Mrs. Graham.

A brief biography of Levi Cathell

Cathell, Levi (1754-1815). Private, 3rd Maryland Independent Co., Worcester County, Capt. John Watkins' Co., enlisted Feb 13, 1776; muster roll dated Aug 20, 1776, present for duty. Private, Worcester Militia, Wicomico Bn, Capt. Samuel Horsey's Co, Third Class, July 15, 1780.
Levi(n) Cathell was born on Sept 18, 1754, married Rebecca Porter, served as a private during the war, and died on nov 26, 1815
Source: Patriots of Worcester and Somerset Counties Maryland 1775-1783, Henry C. Peden, Jr.

Children of Maj. Levi Cathell and Rebecca Porter Cathell-use "back" to return to this page from links

Name: Cathell, Clement b. 3/10/1781 d.? Spouse: Mitchell, Matilda
Name: Cathell, James Porter b.? d.? Spouse: Vaughan, Mary
Name: Cathell, David b.10/5/1787 d.5/31/1822 Spouse: three wives
Name: Cathell, William b.? d.? Spouse: McDonald Sarah
Name: Cathell, Levi Jr. b.8/16/178- d.2/14/1850 Spouse: Cannon, Priscilla
Name: Cathell, Nancy S. b.? d.? Spouse: Jones, Matthew
Name: Cathell, Haste P. b.? d.? Spouse: Christopher, Jane
Name: Cathell, Daniel b.? d.? Spouse: ..
Name: Cathell, Martha b.? d.? Spouse: Hearns, George
Name: Cathell, Rebecca b.? d.? Spouse: Riggan, Jacob
Name: Cathell, Alexander b.? d.? Spouse: ..

(1)Family historian Marian Cathell believes that Mitchell was also involved with his maternal grandparents. She writes.."I was looking at Broad Creek Hundred before that to see if I could find a reason for Mitchell moving to Baltimore, say the death of Levin Vaughan or what happened to his mother Mary Vaughan Cathell (I'm 90% certain at this point that she was his mother) Also, I was trying to find more about Jane Huffington/Hovington/Havington (editor's note- Jane was Mitchell's wife. Platt Cathell son Joseph's middle name is spelled Huvington on his tombstone, although it could have been a misunderstanding of the spelling of his middle name by the next of kin. Huffington is the spelling most found in Eastern Shore records.). Marion Cathell continues.."I believe she was the second wife of Mitchell (Isaac Sullivan's Memorandum book has a reference for Mitchell getting married in 1819, but no wife's name that I can find.) And I'm wondering if Jane was a Huffington by marriage? since she would have been over 20 years old when she married Mitchell. The only reference I have for a time of her death is that she hadn't touched her bank account for 20 years as of 1900. The more I look the more questions I have."


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Green Valley, West Virginia
August 4, 2007

Green Valley, near Etam West Virginia. Platt Mitchell Cathell homestead. Currently owned and occupied by Gerald "Pete" Cathell, grandson of Platt M. Cathell

1907 Map of Etam West Virginia. The Cathell homestead is just off of this map to the southwest.

Platt and Sarah, as well as many of their offspring are buried in the Etam Methodist Church cemetary.

Children of Platt and Sarah Cathell-use "back" to return to this page from links
Name: Cathell, George E. Year of Birth 1865 Year of Death: 1932 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Sarah E. Robinson Spouse Birth/Death:1867-1954 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Roy Cathell 1900-1901
Child: Clarence M. Cathell 1890-1983 Child: Bertha I. Cathell Britton1891-1973 Child: James A. Cathell 1895-1964 Child: Nora A. Cathell 1893-1983
Residence: Green Valley WV County: Preston Occupation: Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, Joseph Huvington Year of Birth 1868 Year of Death: 1964 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Callie V. Adams Spouse Birth/Death:1884-1960 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Perl A. Cathell
Child: Edith J. Cathell Child: Dora M Cathell Child:Earl C. Cathell Child: William E. Cathell
Child: Elsie E. Cathell Child: Dorothy C. Cathell Child:T.Gordon Cathell Child: W. Donald Cathell
Residence: Etam WV County: Preston Occupation: Farmer Notes: 95 years old at death

Name: Cathell, James Mitchell Year of Birth 1860 Year of Death: 1941 Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse:1) Carrie Coburn 2) Annie Turner Spouse Birth/Death:__________ Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Virgil Cathell
Child: Claude Cathell Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Belington WV County: Barbour Occupation: Notes:Died in Rowlesburg at Will's

Name: Cathell, Steward H. Year of Birth 1870 Year of Death: 1953 Birth Place: Baltimore
Spouse: Cyrena May Lipscomb Spouse Birth/Death:1871-1952 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child: Thomas Oscar Cathell
Child: Anna L. Cathell Child: Harry Ervin Cathell Child: Lula Mabel Cathell Child: Elmer Neal Cathell
Child: Orville Ross Cathell Child: Theodore Platt Cathell Child: Boyd Williard Cathell Child: Stewart Lee Cathell (loved cake)
Child: Goldie Grace Cathell Child: Everett McKinley Cathell Child: Mary Katherine Cathell Child: Kenneth Hall Cathell
Child: Arthur U. Cathell Child: Avril Cathell Child: Robert W. Cathell Child:Ruth M. Cathell
Residence: Hepzibah Community County: Taylor Occupation:Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, William Luther Year of Birth 1878 Year of Death: 1956 Birth Place: Green Valley -Etam, WV
Spouse: Elsie M. Spouse Birth/Death:1883-1959 Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Merrill (Myrl)Cathell
Child: Charles (Charley) Cathell Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Rowlesburg WV County: Preston Occupation: Engineer, B&O Notes: Pension card in Rowlesburg book

Name: Cathell, Charles (Charley) Year of Birth 1880 Year of Death: 1952 Birth Place: Green Valley -Etam, WV
Spouse: Mable (Mae)Gaines Spouse Birth/Death:1887-196_ Burial:Etam Cemetary Child:Betty (Cathell) Sohn
Child: Dolly M (Cathell) Bolyard Dutton 1914-2002 Child: Gerald (Pete) Cathell, Green Valley, WV Child: Richard (Rich) Cathell, Chesapeake, VA Child: Violet (Cathell) Carver
Child: Augusta Cathell Child: Mildred M. Cathell Child: C. Harold Cathell Child:
Residence: Green Valley, WV County: Preston Occupation:Farmer Notes: bought homeplace from siblings

Name: Cathell, Jane Year of Birth 18__ Year of Death: 19__ Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: Thomas Springs Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:_______ Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Taylor Occupation: Notes:

Name: Cathell, John Wesley Year of Birth June 22, 1872 Year of Death: August 25, 1951 Birth Place: Baltimore, MD
Spouse: Jane Haymon or Layman Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:Concord Church Child: Callie Cathell Corley
Child: Johnnie Cathell Child: Ralph William Cathell Child: Daisy Cathell Child:Howard Cathell
Child: Mitchell Cathell (of John, not of Clarence) Child: Carrie V. Cathell Child: Inez D. Cathell Child:Myrtle E. Cathell
Child: Bretsel L. Cathell Child: Bud Cathell Child: Clifford B. Cathell Child:Blanch Cathell
Child: Dolly P.Cathell Child: Child: Sarah E.Cathell Child: Nellie R. Cathell
Residence: rural Belington WV County:Barbour Occupation: Farmer Notes:

Name: Cathell, Jonathan Year of Birth abt 1873 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: Baltimore MD
Spouse: _____ Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Occupation: Notes: Jonathan might be John Wesley-above?

Name: Cathell, Martha W Year of Birth abt 1876 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: _________
Spouse: _____ Spouse Birth/Death:_______ Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: County: Occupation: Notes:

Name: Cathell, Rutherford B. Year of Birth abt 1876 Year of Death: ? Birth Place: West Virginia
Spouse: Grace E. Francis Cathell Spouse Birth/Death:12/25/1879/? Burial:? Child:
Child: Child: Child: Child:
Residence: Harrison Co. WV County: Occupation: Notes: Married Grace 1899

Notes-Need to classify/verify

1900 Census
Preston County
listed under Stuart (Steward) and May
Arthur U Cathell abt 1899

listed under William L
Charity Cathell abt 1882

listed under Jos. H.
Eunice E Cathelll abt 1872
Perl A. Cathell abt 1890
Edith J. Cathell abt 1892
Dora M Cathell 1894
Earl C. Cathell abt 1897

1910 Census
Preston County
listed under William and Elsie
Merrill Cathell abt 1905
Charley Cathell abt 1908

listed under George E. and Sarah
Florence M. Cathell abt 1890

listed under Charles and Mabel (Charley and May)
Augusta Cathell abt 1907 (Gusty, a visitor to my home in the 1960's ?)

listed under James M.
Virgil Cathell abt 1901

listed under Stewart H. and (Cyrena) May
Arvel Cathell abt 1900 (seen elsewhere spelled Avril ?-if Avril, died Sept 20 1964 Mineral Co WV- retired B&O RR)

listed under John and Jane-Upshur County--assumed to be the same as John Wesley
Daisy Cathell abt 1895
Howard Cathell abt 1904
Mitchell Cathell abt 1904 - spouse was Mary Russie Malcomb-died March 1953

1920 Census
Preston County

listed under John and Jane
Carrie V. Cathell abt 1909
Inez D. Cathell abt 1914
Myrtle E. Cathell abt 1915
Bretsel L. Cathell abt 1916
Bud Cathell abt 1916

(listed in 1930 census--Barbour Co- Under John and Jane)
Blanch Cathell abt 1913
Clifford B. Cathell abt 1918
Dolly P. Cathell abt 1920
Sarah E. Cathell abt 1922
Nellie R. Cathell abt 1922

listed under William L and Elsie
Myrl Cathell (same as Merrill?) abt 1905
Charles Cathell abt 1908

listed under James W. (1861)
Anna Cathell abt 1881 (Annie Turner)
Claude Cathell abt 1909

listed under Stewart and (Cyrena) May
Robert W. Cathell abt 1909
Ruth M. Cathell abt 1918

1930 census

listed under Theodore Platt-Monongalia Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May) Coal miner- died Sept 1936
Hazel M Cathell about 1905-spouse from Maidsville WV
Charlotte C Cathell abt 1925
Harley N Cathell abt 1926
Richard L Cathell abt 1927
Della M Cathell abt 1930

Rita M Cathell abt 1895?

listed under Charles R abt 1908-Preston Co (of _________)
Augusta Cathell abt 1908
Mary L Cathell abt 1926
Jack Cathell abt 1928

listed under Charles (abt 1881) (of Platt and Sarah) and Mabel abt (1888) (May) -Preston Co in addition to above)
Mildred M Cathell abt 1921
C Harold Cathell abt 1924
Gerald L. Cathell (Pete-current owner in 2007 of homeplace) abt 1926
Richard G. Cathell (Rich-resides in Chesapeake VA in 2007) abt 1929

listed under Joseph H. (of Platt and Sarah) and Callie V. ( in addition to above )
William E Cathell-abt 1915
Elsie E. Cathell abt 1916
Dorothy C Cathell abt 1917
Ethel D Cathell abt 1919
T Gordon Cathell abt 1921
W. Donald Cathell about 1924

listed under Thomas O (Oscar)-Preston Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May)
Ora M Cathell (spouse?) abt 1895
Roy E Cathell abt 1915
Thelma E Cathell abt 1917
Mary E Cathell abt 1922

listed under Harry E --Taylor Co (of Stewart and Cyrena May)
Elizabeth Cathell (spouse?) abt 1897
Edwin H Cathell abt 1920
Stewart A Cathell abt 1923
Mary S Cathell abt 1926
Dorsey L Cathell abt 1928

"abt" = about date of birth


Etam and Rowlesburg Industry


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